"When the case for reorganization isn't well-accepted, the psychological cost paid by the continuing many, easily dwarfs the economic costs saved through the departing few."

Gyan Nagpal

Leading restructure and redundancy programmes:

(i)Ensuring organisations are the optimum size and shape, with the best talent doing the right roles.
(ii)Building HR processes which work effectively and efficiently.
(iii)Securing the resilience for downsized businesses to rebound quickly, and the foresight to ensure scale-ups capitalise on market opportunity.
(iv)Showing empathy with those employees and managers impacted.


Our CEO's experience in business restructure has included:

  • Responding to the challenges of the Covid-19 global pandemic by delivering a cost reduction and restructure programme within an iconic Royal Chartered Hospitality & Membership organisation.
  • Managing the run-off and closure of multiple Retail Stores, distributed across the UK.
  • Scaling a continental European Asset Management Business, over 2.5 years, from a beach-head distributor with $1 Billion AUM to a $5 Billion international subsidiary; underpinned by a 400% increase in staff numbers.
  • Leading the rationalisation of a Telecommunications Customer Services operation from 9 call centres to 3 (c.700 staff affected), accompanied by staff and trade union consultation.
  • Intensively supporting the establishment of several disruptive Start-ups/FinTechs, through incubation and growth (seed company, to 50 FTE, to sale to a multinational).
  • Modernising working practices within a huge UK Automotive Manufacturing facility, thereby averting redundancies.
  • Leading integration (M&A with TUPE) of multiple acquired international Healthcare and Insurance businesses, based across Europe and the U.S, into a single corporate structure. Harmonisation and re-brokering of contracts and benefits, achieving annual savings exceeding £1 million, whilst giving more to employees.