"Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming."

David Bowie

Bowden Penrose was founded after
carefully considering what we can deliver to organisations committed to offering more to their stakeholders.

This inevitably involves reviewing
elements of 'people & structure' and/or
'HR processes & products'.

We combine deep technical HR expertise and commercial experience to ensure alignment with the broader operational strategy.

Transformative Consultancy

People & Structure:

  • We evaluate the capability and potential of the organisation's people, as individuals and as a connected team, to overcome existing and future operational challenges. We assess how effectively the organisational structure facilitates this.
  • We identify shortcomings, make recommendations, and support the implementation of agreed actions. This may necessitate: re-deployment, changes to responsibilities, restructure, improved employee engagement measures, external recruitment, coaching, leadership development or technical training.

Processes & Product:

  • We ensure that HR processes, policies and products act as enablers to achieving goals; both for individuals and the whole enterprise.
  • We agree trade-offs between 'effective' and 'efficient' (time vs cost vs quality vs resources).
  • We define necessary changes. This can include: implementing new products, processes, and structures; optimising existing provisions; eliminating those which are unnecessary or overly complex.

Case studies:

  • Led an innovation, culture change and human capital transformation programme across a global Insurance business of over 10,000 employees. Working alongside the Management Board; approaches to talent management, resourcing and reward were all significantly upgraded.
  • Developed a market-entry business case for presentation to investors - working with the Management Board of a disruptive multinational Health Technology start-up.
  • Advised major global Management Consultancies in topics such as: Insurance sector HR best practice, technology enabled employee benefits, design/set-up of HR shared services, and outsource/insource models.